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JEDII Tech News: April 28

Links from around the web Op-Ed: End the City’s ShotSpotter ContractBy Freddy Martinez on South Side Weekly (southsideweekly.com) Surveillance technologies are destroying lives in Chicago Schools Use Software That Blocks LGBTQ+ Content, But Not White SupremacistsBy Todd Feathers on vice.com A Motherboard investigation found the algorithmic surveillance

JEDII Tech News: April 27

The Washington state legislative season is over ... and for the third year in a row the Bad Washington Privacy Act failed to pass!   So with luck I'll be getting back to doing a newsletter.  Here's Taking Action on Dark PatternsBy Caroline Sinders on Tech Policy Press (techpolicy.press) This week,

JEDII Tech News: March 5

Links from around the web ... Timnit Gebru was fired from Google — then the harassers arrivedBy Zoe Schiffer on The Verge (theverge.com) For months, Pedro Domingos and Michael Lissack have engaged in a campaign to discredit Gebru’s research. Those fever scanners that everyone is using to fight covid can