JEDII Tech Links - January 8

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My Data Rights

by Chenai Chair on My Data Rights (

A feminist review of AI, privacy and data protection to enhance digital rights.  

Are we all equal in the eyes of AI? What are the opportunities and challenges for marginalised groups in Society with Artificial Intelligence? What control do we have over our data as personal information is collected, stored and processed in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? What can be done to ensure social justice for marginalised communities?

Through the eyes of a feminist, the intersections of Artificial intelligence, privacy and data protection are explored in the context of South Africa.The context of gendered marginalisation of women, gender diverse people and sexual minorities forms the basis of understanding the data concerns.

January 8, 2020: My Weekly Roundup of Web Design and Development News

By Deborah Edwards-Onoro on Lireo Designs (

In this week’s web design and development news roundup, you’ll discover content predictions for 2021, find out why machine learning is not sufficient for image alternative text, learn why you might move a client site from self-hosted WordPress to hosted, and more.

In Online Stan Spaces, The Unspoken Rule of Anonymity Empowers Women in Pakistan

By Rameeza Ahmad on Digital Rights Monitor (

An anonymous profile anywhere else on the internet would not be taken seriously but in Stan spaces on social media – part of the Stan Culture, it is not just the norm but what is expected of you.

iPhones can now automatically recognize and label buttons and UI features for blind users – TechCrunch

By Devin Coldewey on TechCrunch (

Apple has always gone out of its way to build features for users with disabilities, and VoiceOver on iOS is an invaluable tool for anyone with a vision impairment — assuming every element of the interface has been manually labeled. But the company just unveiled a brand new feature that uses machine learning to identify and label every button, slider and tab automatically.

Police Robots Are Not a Selfie Opportunity, They’re a Privacy Disaster Waiting to Happen

By Matthew Guariglia on Electronic Frontier Foundation (

The arrival of government-operated autonomous police robots does not look like predictions in science fiction movies.

CMA to investigate Google’s ‘Privacy Sandbox’ browser changes

By Competition and Markets Authority on GOV.UK (

The CMA has opened an investigation into Google’s proposals to remove third party cookies and other functionalities from its Chrome browser.

Google Chrome Privacy Plan Faces U.K. Competition Probe

By Sam Schechner on The Wall Street Journal (

British regulators are investigating whether Google’s plan to remove some user-tracking tools from its Chrome browser could hurt competition in the online-advertising industry.

Rappler Talk: Disinfo expert Kate Starbird on role of online ecosystems in US Capitol siege

on YouTube (

Kate Starbird, disinformation expert and professor at the University of Washington, talks to Rappler’s Maria Ressa about the online ecosystems that played a role bringing the US Capitol siege to fruition.

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