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JEDII Tech News: May 10

Links from around the web ... Blind people, advocates slam company claiming to make websites ADA compliantBy April Glaser on NBC News (nbcnews.com) “If you have a website, do you want to include disabled people or do you want to exclude them? That’s why it’s a civil right,

JEDII Tech News: May 7

Links from around the web ...@Reuvencarlyle continues to blame everybody but himself for his repeated failure. Who killed the bad bill?: "It was the progressive activists and @AGOWA ... in the committee ... with the religious fervor!" FYI @IndiPlusWA @IndivisEastside @IndivisibleCoup @DemCastUSA pic.twitter.com/RacrPgXZsK — Jon Pincus (@jdp23)

JEDII Tech News: May 6

Links from around the web ... How Big Pharma Finds Sick Users on FacebookBy Colin Lecher on The Markup (themarkup.org) We found drug ads targeted at users interested in everything from bourbon to therapy California’s “Equity” Algorithm Could Leave 2 Million Struggling Californians Without Additional Vaccine SupplyBy snowjake on

Comments on King County facial recognition ban

From the May 5 King County Council "Committee of the Whole" meeting. I’m Jon Pincus, a technologist, entrepreneur, and long-time Bellevue resident. Following up on my comments from two weeks ago, I’d like to highlight a key difference between the proposed King County Ordinance 2021-0091 and the statewide

JEDII Tech News: May 4

Links from around the web ... Five years of Project IncludeBy Ellen K. Pao on Medium (medium.com) Pushing the Overton window and more Dear Spotify: don’t manipulate our emotions for profiton Access Now (accessnow.org) Access Now calls on Spotify to make a public commitment to never use, license,

JEDII Tech News: May 3

Links from around the web ... How did Atlanta become a top breeding ground for billion-dollar startups in the Southeast?By Jonathan Shieber on TechCrunch (techcrunch.com) Over the past five years, the Southeastern region, led by Atlanta, has gone from being “one of the best kept secrets” in tech, to

JEDII Tech News: May 1

Links from around the web ... Digital Black FeminismBy Catherine Knight Steele on NYU Press (nyupress.org) Traces the longstanding relationship between technology and Black feminist thought.  Black women are at the forefront of some of this century’s most important discussions about technology: trolling, online harassment, algorithmic bias, and influencer

JEDII Tech News: April 29

Links from around the web ... A Primer on Surveillance Issues in the Disability CommunityBy Karen Reilly on digitalrights.community For disabled people, opting out of data sharing isn’t always the best choice. Sometimes that choice of not being surveilled is taken away from. What happens when the network effect