JEDII Tech News: May 6

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How Big Pharma Finds Sick Users on Facebook

By Colin Lecher on The Markup (

We found drug ads targeted at users interested in everything from bourbon to therapy

California’s “Equity” Algorithm Could Leave 2 Million Struggling Californians Without Additional Vaccine Supply

By snowjake on ACLUNC (

Building an algorithm to allocate vaccines based on ZIP codes rather than census tracts means that more than 2 million Californians—living in neighborhoods with the worst health outcomes, many of them communities of color—may not be given needed additional vaccine supply.

Avoid AccessiBe & other companies claiming quick & easy AI accessibility

on YouTube (

An alarming number of companies have fallen for it. Millions of dollars have poured into it. Beware of #AccessiBe, #AudioEye, #EqualWeb, #User1st, #UserWay,...

NY AG report: Nearly 82% of FCC net neutrality comments were fake

By Issie Lapowsky on Protocol (

In a new report, New York Attorney General Letitia James found that of the more than 22 million public comments the Federal Communications Commission received in 2017 regarding the repeal of net neutrality protections, a whopping 18 million were fake. Millions of those comments, the report says, wer…

How China turned a prize-winning iPhone hack against the Uyghurs

By Patrick Howell O’Neill on MIT Technology Review (

In March 2017, a group of hackers from China arrived in Vancouver with one goal: Find hidden weak spots inside the world’s most popular technologies. Google’s Chrome browser, Microsoft’s Windows operating system, and Apple’s iPhones were all in the crosshairs. But no one was breaking the law. These…

How does structural racism impact on data and AI?

By Reema Patel on

Why we need to acknowledge that structural racism is a fundamental driver and cause of the data divide

Austrian DPA has option to fine Google up to €6 billion

on (

Google continues to send data from EU websites to the US - despite two Court of Justice rulings.

Snapchat Can Be Sued Over Role In Fatal Car Crash, Court Rules

By Bobby Allyn on NPR (

A federal appeals court on Tuesday issued a stunning ruling: It said a decades-old legal shield preventing platforms from lawsuits should not apply to Snapchat in a case involving a fatal car crash.

Foriegn Intelligence Surveillance Court Rubber Stamps Mass Surveillance Under Section 702 - Again

By Cindy Cohn on Electronic Frontier Foundation (

As someone once said, “the Founders did not fight a revolution to gain the right to government agency protocols.” Well it was not just someone, it was Chief Justice John Roberts. He flatly rejected the government’s claim that agency protocols could solve the Fourth Amendment violations created by...

Critical Disinformation Studies - Center for Information, Technology, and Public Life (CITAP)

on Center for Information, Technology, and Public Life (CITAP) (

This syllabus rethinks disinformation research by incorporating history, inequality, power, and culture. We argue that disinformation is a key way in which whiteness in the United States has been reinforced and reproduced, as well as heteronormativity and class privilege.

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