JEDII Tech News: May 4

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Five years of Project Include

By Ellen K. Pao on Medium (

Pushing the Overton window and more

Dear Spotify: don’t manipulate our emotions for profit

on Access Now (

Access Now calls on Spotify to make a public commitment to never use, license, sell, or monetize its dangerously invasive speech-recognition technology.

Digital volunteers to expose scale of facial recognition technology in New York City

on Amnesty International (

Digital volunteers to expose scale of facial recognition technology in New York City

Facebook Pledges to Remove Discriminatory Credit and Loan Ads Discovered by The Markup

By Alfred Ng on The Markup (

The Markup’s Citizen Browser project found four companies targeting ads for financial products to specific age groups—a violation of Facebook policy and, potentially, civil rights laws

Cybersecurity And The Untapped Talent Pool Of People Who Are Neurodiverse

By Debra Ruh on Forbes (

To bridge the cybersecurity skills gap, IT companies should look to neurodiverse candidates, especially those with cyber-specific qualifications.

By Julia Reda, 3rd May 2021 on Digital Freedom Fund (

Police officers playing pop music in an effort to interrupt live streams of police operations. Autocratic regimes using social media’s upload filters to block critical reporting. “Reputation management” companies making fake copyright claims to erase unflattering news reports about their clients fro…

Apple hires ex-Google AI expert Samy Bengio

By Will Shanklin on AppleInsider (

Apple has hired Samy Bengio, a former AI scientist who resigned in protest of Google’s firing of two employees, to lead a new AI team under John Giannandrea.

By Scott Ikeda on CPO Magazine (

The first signs of legal action against Facebook over the recent data leak have appeared, as an EU digital privacy group has announced plans to take the social media giant to court in Ireland.

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