JEDII Tech News: May 17

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Four-Woman Group That Fought U.K. Algorithms Steps Up for Tech-Worker Rights

By Parmy Olson | Photographs by Betty Laura Zapata for The Wall Street Journal on The Wall Street Journal (

An advocacy group that successfully challenged the use of algorithms in U.K. immigration and education policy is preparing to take on Facebook and Uber Technologies over tech workers’ rights.

Tech Companies Want Schools to Use COVID Relief Money on Surveillance Tools


As schools reopen with billions in federal aid, surveillance vendors are hawking expensive tools like license plate readers and facial recognition.

Social app Parler is cracking down on hate speech - but only on iPhones

By Kevin Randall on The Washington Post (

When social media platform Parler comes back to life on Apple’s App Store, it will be designed to be a less offensive version than what users will be able to see elsewhere.

Data Capitalism

on Data Capitalism (

This site from Data 4 Black Lives explores the history of data capitalism from slavery to today.

AirTags Can Be Used To Figure Out When a House Is Empty, Researcher Warns


A security researcher warns that a feature that displays when an AirTag was last seen could give away some sensitive information about its surroundings.

Data Capitalism and Algorithmic Racism

By Amy Traub on Demos (

​​​​​Big companies are using data to preserve the power imbalance that keeps them rich. This economic model is rooted in chattel slavery and relies on the extraction and commodification of data.

Beyond a technical bug: Biased algorithms and moderation are censoring activists on social media

By Ghadah Alrasheed on The Conversation (

Automated content moderation using algorithms are quick and cheaper. But, they’re not necessarily better than human beings. They are prone to errors and can impose bias in a systemic scale.

Daniel Kahneman: ‘Clearly AI is going to win. How people are going to adjust is a fascinating problem’

By Tim Adams on The Guardian (

The psychologist on applying his ideas to organisations, why we’re not equipped to grasp the spread of a virus, and the massive disruption that’s just round the corner

The UN Report on Disinformation: a role for privacy

on Privacy International (

The report on disinformation by the UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression follows a growing trend by international bodies (includin

Africa is paying heavily for Internet shutdowns

By More by this Author on Daily Monitor (

In Uganda, according to a survey conducted by a British firm - Comparitech - the Internet shutdown in January cost the country close to Shs7b per day on average

You should be worried about how much info WhatsApp shares with Facebook | Burcu Kilic and Sophia Crabbe-Field

By Burcu Kilic and Sophia Crabbe-Field on The Guardian (

Facebook is pushing a mysterious and aggressive ‘privacy update’ on WhatsApp users. Here’s why

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