JEDII Tech News: May 13

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Q&A: What’s the point of automated gender recognition software?

By Evan Selinger on The Boston Globe (

A growing number of activists say there’s no place for technology that guesses whether a face is male or female.

Pentagon Surveilling Americans Without a Warrant, Senator Reveals


A letter obtained by Motherboard discusses internet browsing, location, and other forms of data.

What’s New in WCAG 2.2 Working Draft

By W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) on Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) (

This page lists the new success criteria in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2. It includes quotes from personas (fictional people) to help you understand some aspects of the success criteria.

Race & Technology - A Research Lecture Series

on Microsoft Research (

You’re invited to join us as we bring together leading voices at the intersection of race and technology for discussions around data, the internet, justice, genomics and more. In this virtual speaker series, connect with the distinguished academics and domain experts who are driving this conversatio…

The Amazonian Era: How algorithmic systems are eroding good work

on IFOW (

We are living through a new transformation of work. We are living in an Amazonian Era.

WSJ News Exclusive | JPMorgan, Others Plan to Issue Credit Cards to People With No Credit Scores

By Peter Rudegeair and AnnaMaria Andriotis on The Wall Street Journal (

Some of the largest U.S. banks plan to start sharing data on customers’ deposit accounts as part of a government-backed initiative to extend credit to people who have traditionally lacked opportunities to borrow.

I Was a Facebook Content Moderator. I Quit in Disgust.

By Josh Sklar on The New Republic (

Facebook is driving content moderators toward despair through mismanagement, vague policies, and overwork. I’d had enough.

Privacy win for 350,000 people in São Paulo: court bans facial recognition cameras in metro

on Access Now (

In a win for privacy, the Court of Justice of São Paulo blocks facial recognition on a public transport route. On May 7, judge Patrícia Martins ordered ViaQuatro, a concessionary of the São Paulo metro, not to capture images, sound, or any other personal data of everyday commuters through cameras or…

Tech & Racial Equity Conference: Anti-Racist Technologies for a Just Future

on Eventbrite (

2021 Tech and Racial Equity Conference: Anti-Racist Technologies for a Just Future

Google Docs will now use canvas based rendering: this may impact some Chrome extensions

By Google on Google Workspace Updates (

What’s changing We’re updating the way Google Docs renders documents.

Inside one network cashing in on vaccine disinformation

By MICHELLE R. SMITH and JOHNATAN REISS on Associated Press (

The couple in the website videos could be hawking any number of products. “You’re going to love owning the platinum package,” Charlene Bollinger tells viewers, as a picture of a DVD set, booklets and other products flashes on screen.

Instagram Labeled One Of Islam’s Holiest Mosques A Terrorist Organization

By Ryan Mac on BuzzFeed News (

The photo-sharing app removed content about the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the site of clashes between Israeli police forces and Palestinian worshippers, by mistake after associating the site with terrorism.

Apple’s AirTags Are a Gift to Stalkers

By Albert Fox Cahn on WIRED (

The tiny new tracking devices can be easily hidden in the cars and bags of victims. And exploiting them is dead simple.

Heading structure and accessibility

By The Big Hack on The Big Hack (

An important part of web accessibility. Heading tags structure your web content and allow blind and visually impaired users to navigate.

The Lawfare Podcast: The Disinformation Nextdoor

By Jen Patja Howell on Lawfare (

This week on Arbiters of Truth, the Lawfare Podcast’s series on our online information ecosystem, Evelyn Douek and Quinta Jurecic spoke with the journalist Will Oremus, who until recently was a senior writer at the technology publication OneZero.

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