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We Need to Talk About What It Means to Be ‘White-Adjacent’ in Tech

By Ellen K. Pao on #StopAsianHate (

Privileged, yet excluded. Activists Ellen Pao and Tracy Chou explain the double-edged sword — and how to use it in the fight against racism.

Japan’s Rikunabi Scandal Shows The Dangers of Privacy Law Loopholes

By Katitza Rodriguez, Bennett Cyphers, and Hinako Sugiyama on Electronic Frontier Foundation (

Technology users around the world are increasingly concerned, and rightly so, about protecting their data. But many are unaware of exactly how their data is being collected and would be shocked to learn of the scope and implications of mass consumer data collection by technology companies.

Instagram, Twitter blame glitches for deleting Palestinian posts

By Maya Gebeily on Reuters (

Instagram and Twitter have blamed technical errors for deleting posts mentioning the possible eviction of Palestinians from East Jerusalem, but data rights groups fear “discriminatory” algorithms are at work and want greater transparency.

How the Personal Computer Broke the Human Body


Decades before ‘Zoom fatigue’ broke our spirits, the so-called computer revolution brought with it a world of pain previously unknown to humankind.

Who cares about privacy? Not Facebook users, says Antonio García-Martínez.

By Eric Johnson on Vox (

The “Chaos Monkeys” author, who helped Facebook develop its ad-targeting system, busts some myths on the latest Too Embarrassed to Ask.

Fix Section 230 and hold tech companies to account

By Danielle K. Citron on WIRED UK (

Making social media sites act on content such as nonconsensual porn and violent conspiracies would make the internet more equal and free

Google Docs will now use canvas based rendering: this may impact some Chrome extensions

By Google on Google Workspace Updates (

What’s changing We’re updating the way Google Docs renders documents. Over the course of the next several months, we’ll be migrating the un...

Draft Online Safety Bill

By Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport on GOV.UK (

The draft Online Safety Bill establishes a new regulatory framework to tackle harmful content online.

Current and ex-employees allege Google drastically rolled back diversity programs

By April Glaser on NBC News (

One well-liked diversity training program at Google called Sojourn was cut entirely, according to seven former and current employees.

Petition to #SavePalestinianVoices: Tech Companies Must Stop Silencing Palestinian Content


We demand Facebook and Twitter to immediately stop censoring Palestinian content, reinstate affected posts and accounts, and provide a clear and public explanation for the reasons why the content was removed.

Traumatized Facebook Moderators Told to Suck It Up and Try Karaoke


“You don’t always feel like singing, frankly, after you’ve seen someone being battered to bits.”

Stop Facebook, Save Whatsapp


Mark Zuckerberg is lying to you. It’s time to stop his corporate abuse and save WhatsApp for all.

‘The bar is low for the social media industry’: Top platforms are unsafe for LGBTQ community, new report says

By Terry Collins on USA TODAY (

GLAAD’s social media index report said the top platforms won’t use tools to stop harassment, making them “effectively unsafe” for the LGBTQ community.

Gig-economy riders in Spain must become staff within 90 days under new rule

By Joan Faus,Belén Carreño on Reuters (

Food delivery companies based in Spain have three months to employ their couriers as staff under new rules approved on Tuesday by the government, one of the first laws in Europe regarding gig-economy workers’ rights.

The Ninth Circuit’s Confusing Ruling Over Snapchat’s Speed Filter-Lemmon v. Snap

By Eric Goldman on Technology & Marketing Law Blog (

This is a tricky opinion to decipher. This opinion might say that Section 230 categorically doesn’t apply if the plaintiff claims an Internet service is defectively designed. That reading would largely reject the important First Circuit Doe v. Backpage ruling...

Axe DevTools Extension Updates: New Share Issue Feature & Improved Issue Summary

By Preety Kumar on Deque (

The 4.9.3 release of the axe DevTools Browser Extension includes tons of improvements based on user feedback. Learn more about these updates.

Finance Giant Plaid Paid People $500 for their Employer Payroll Logins

By Joseph Cox on

The offer was part of an internal test at Plaid. If peoples’ employers didn’t provide permission, Plaid may run afoul of U.S. hacking laws.

#HoldTheLine: Maria Ressa talks to journalist Carole Cadwalladr

on Rappler (

In this interview with Maria Ressa, Carole Cadwalladr reflects on her life as a journalist and how it all comes together in her mission to hold power to account

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