JEDII Tech News: May 10

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Blind people, advocates slam company claiming to make websites ADA compliant

By April Glaser on NBC News (

“If you have a website, do you want to include disabled people or do you want to exclude them? That’s why it’s a civil right,” one expert said.

She broke her NDA to speak out against Pinterest. Now she’s helping others come forward

By Kari Paul on The Guardian (

Ifeoma Ozoma has co-sponsored a bill to protect workers who speak out on discrimination or harassment. ‘Coming forward should not carry as much risk,’ she said

Black and Queer AI Groups Say They’ll Spurn Google Funding

By Khari Johnson on WIRED (

The move is the latest fallout following the departures of the heads of the company’s ethical AI research team and a recruiter.

facebook, we need to talk.

on facebook, we need to talk. (

Facebook, we need to talk — and you’re not letting us. Facebook should allow us to hold governments, including the Israeli government, accountable — not shield governments from accountability.

How a Hacking Group Did Apple Repair Professionals an Accidental Favor


Hacked and leaked schematics won’t help you make a counterfeit MacBook. They will help repair experts recover lost data, though.

Minister backtracks comments on Bill C-10, says social media users ‘will never’ be regulated

By Rachel Aiello on CTV News (

After suggesting that under Bill C-10, the Canadian Radio-television and telecommunications Commission (CRTC) could impose discoverability regulations on individuals who have a large-enough following online, Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault now says that’s not the case.

Platforms and the Digitisation of Expression and Surveillance - Global Digital Cultures

By Universiteit van Amsterdam on Global Digital Cultures - University of Amsterdam (

In Europe today, digital platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, provide essential means for millions of people to express themselves, engage in public debate and organise politically. However, European governments are leveraging the power of platforms to impose new forms of restrictions …

Shifting left: how introducing accessibility earlier helps the BBC’s design system

By Sophie Beaumont on BBC Design + Engineering (

Have you ever come across a component in a library or design system that seems to do… everything?

Open Letter to Amazon: Technologies that automate and enhance policing are dangerous and undermine racial justice. Make the ban on police use of Rekognition...

By MediaJustice on MediaJustice (

Dear Mr. Bezos and Mr. Jassy, We the undersigned organizations call on Amazon to permanently ban law enforcement from using Amazon’s facial recognition software, Rekognition. In response to protest against police violence, in 2020 Amazon halted the sale of Rekognition for a year. As t

Accessibility testing as a screen reader user

on TPGi (

When testing a website or mobile application’s accessibility, some might say that someone who routinely uses a screen reader...

How private is your Gmail, and should you switch?

By Kate O’Flaherty on The Guardian (

You might be surprised how much Google’s email service – and others – know about you

Huawei worked on several surveillance systems promoted to identify ethnicity, documents show

By Eva Dou, Drew Harwell on The Washington Post (

Facing an international outcry over its testing of a “Uighur alarm” system, Huawei said it is committed to human rights “at the highest level.” But the tech giant has worked with dozens of surveillance contractors over the years to build systems that could aid the Chinese government and police.

Want an internet safer from conspiracy theorists and bigots? Keep Section 230. | Opinion

By Adam Kovacevich on Nashville Tennessean (

We need more online content moderation, not less. Section 230 gives platforms the tools they need to make a safer, better Internet for all of us.

WhatsApp to restrict features if you refuse Facebook data sharing

By Sergiu Gatlan on BleepingComputer (

WhatsApp says that it will not delete or deactivate the accounts of users who oppose its latest privacy policy update that requires sharing data with Facebook companies.

Fake net neutrality comment campaign a harbinger of automated disinformation to come - Justin Hendrix

By Justin Hendrix on Tech Policy Press (

Governments may not be prepared to contend with new mechanisms to automatically generate content and, indeed, online identities.

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