JEDII Tech News: March 6

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The Rise—and the Recurring Bias—of Risk Assessment Algorithms

on Revue (

Despite well-known flaws, risk assessment algorithms are still popular in the criminal justice system, where judges use them to help decide everything from whether to grant pretrial release to the length of prison sentences.  And the idea of using software to predict the risk of human behaviors is catching on in other sectors as well. Risk assessments are being used by police to identify future criminals and by social service agencies to predict which children might be abused.

Detroit: On a Journey to Be Seen

By Tawana Petty on Data for Black Lives Blog (

After struggling for decades against pervasive narratives and disinvestment, Detroiters are making policy work for them.

Facebook faces US investigation for ‘systemic’ racial bias in hiring

By Reuters on The Guardian (

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission indicates it suspects company policies may fuel broad discrimination

We can’t teach in a technological dystopia

By Steve Fuller on Times Higher Education (THE) (

The pandemic brought out the best in teaching staff in many universities. Yet countervailing forces are stamping out their creativity and capacity for innovation – and portend nightmare scenarios of surveillance and disempowerment, warns Andy Farnell

Pre-Conference Workshops – CSUN Assistive Technology Conference


MI5 involvement in drone project revealed in paperwork slip-up

By Dan Sabbagh on The Guardian (

Exclusive: Document produced by university cited agency as secret funder of research

Google’s ‘Privacy-First Web’ Is Really a Google-First Web

By Will Oremus on OneZero (

Why the search giant can afford to kill the cookie

Five reasons to worry about ‘spy tech’ firm Palantir handling your NHS data

By Matthew Linares on openDemocracy (

Since the British government won't tell us, we can only guess what they’re up to…

Autism Campus Inclusion

By Autistic Self Advocacy Network on Autistic Self Advocacy Network (

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is now accepting applications for the 2021 Autism Campus Inclusion (ACI) Leadership Academy! This year’s program will be held virtually from July 8th through 16th. Download the application here! Please submit a completed application by midnight on Sunday, March 7t…

You got a vaccine. Walgreens got your data.

By Sara Morrison on Vox (

Retail pharmacies are now giving out Covid-19 vaccines, and some of them are using it as an opportunity to profit off your information.

When Planning Smart Cities, Don’t Forget About Accessibility in Mobility

By Guest Writer on IoT For All (

Explore the challenges that those with disabilities face when utilizing smart mobility and what we can do to make smart cities more accessible.

Local Laws Are ‘Laboratories’ for Taxing Big Tech

By Timothy Karr on Free Press (

Maryland is on the cusp of implementing legislation that would impose a tax on in-state digital advertising — a move that could inspire other states to act.

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